The independence of a specialist trade show organiser is invaluable to trade groupings – which are often comprised of competitors within an industry. Huddlestone offers you that independence and a unique level of dedication to any event.

  • We have an entrepreneurial core, prepared to bear all of the risk whilst often offering some profit share to selected partners.
  • Huddlestone has a deliberately small in house staff of very high quality. That gives us the agility and experience to manage the best event resources available to the UK market.
  • We will advise the best venue and timing for your audience, securing the location on unbeatable terms. We are completely independent of all venues and able to look purely at the needs of your industry.
  • We specialise in trade events, recognising them to be completely different from public shows. Our industrial and business heritage is from a long and successful association with people who make for or supply the UK market.
  • Huddlestone chooses to concentrate on a very small portfolio of events at any one time and will not accept conflicting interests.
  • We eliminate unnecessary exhibition industry complications or unwieldy structures. Our focus is in YOUR industry.

Real world results

Huddlestone was asked to take on the commercially struggling Woodmex exhibition by the Woodworking Machinery Suppliers Association.

Over a 3 show cycle we increased revenue and profitability by 50% through a strategy of re-focussing the show on its audience. Venue costs were reduced by 60% despite growth of the exhibition and the show maintained at its NEC home where it became one of their leading trade shows. In 2014 the show generated over £30 million orders placed at the event.

“Those four October days and nights marked a sea change in this industry”

John Legg Editor Furniture Production