We'll form a fast and thorough assessment of any new trade show opportunities, leading to our unique and comprehensive BLUEPRINT for shows we select for investment.

Does size matter?

Not in our world. We'll assess every opportunity - big or small - with equal attention and enthusiasm, basing our overall judgment on one key criteria - that we benefit the target industry and its customers.

Do you tick these boxes?

Visitor Grouping

is however absolutely key. We must feel able to engage the visitor base in an effective and reasonably economical manner. If we can do so, the exhibition will be a success and exhibitors will have instant return on capital employed.


type and location are also important. Can we hold the event acceptably close to its target audience or provide enough other attraction for the audience to attend. And, can we do it at the right price?

Are we excited by

the industry and the possibilities for change? This may be a subjective question, but it’s vital if we are to harness the flair and creativity within Huddlestone.

DISCOVERING a winning strategy

Huddlestone is usually involved in situations requiring change of some sort – which requires a clear and convincing strategy. Here is our true area of creativity – when a strategy emerges the project fires up into a real event….

CHARTING commercial success

We work hard at our business and take risks. When we do things right we expect an appropriate return. This important area is our final but essential consideration before we press the GO button.